I learned things the hard way….. I used to save all my programming related stuff in my USB…… and I lost it.

All the programming I have done is long gone, but I can always make my tools again.

Because of the initial shock I received after losing my USB, ASH was really not the most important thing in my life.

But I’m working again, at least all my ASH related stuff (except for the utils) was saved in my harddrive because it takes a lot of space and reading/writing stuff on a flashdrive isn’t as fast.

Beta testing is and has been pretty much complete (as of now) and all I need to do is script insertion and a few graphical changes. (and I have no clue how long it will take me and how much I choose to procrastinate)

To clear things out again, this ASH project is my first ever full translation and it’s being done for nothing else but personal satisfaction.

I really won’t care about people who flame and talk shit, but all I know is that my ambition is still present and it’s gonna be done someday.

The only reason why I didn’t choose to drop this project is actually very strange..

Stupid iTunes in win7 wouldn’t restore my ipod so I booted into my XP partition which i haven’t booted into for a LONG time..

and I found some of my utils right on the desktop. Well thank Apple and its stupid products, it saved my translation project from being dropped.

~ by p9ycoblaster on September 6, 2010.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear that.

    Glad to hear you’re still on this project though.

    I look forward to seeing it completed =)

  2. It’s great to be hearing from you, psy.

    I’m sorry about your programming stuff…
    Doing the same thing all over again sure can be a pain in ass… :/
    I’m hopying that it will at least affect you for better, as in this way, you can fix problems of your utils, as well as remember some of the coding you had done. This can be an intense and useful practice. πŸ™‚

    Either way, please take your time and make be ASH as good as you aspired!

  3. Who would talk crap about a fan taking matters into his own hands for the love of the game? I applaud you for your efforts & out of ALL possible games choosing this massive beast for your first full trans undertaking, bravo!! I cannot WAIT to get a copy of your work so I can better understand the story.

    Like I posted earlier I pretty much figured out the battle system, but using the Itemer to synth items outside of battle has me stumped (don’t know what each color means besides possible elements) so I & alot of other who HAD to buy the import copy are looking forward to seeing your finished work. Don’t worry you’re not alone man & you work will not be in vain. I do have one question though, in order to use your translation file will I need an R4 card of some sort?

  4. man that totally sucks about the flashdrive, but everyone waiting on this game really appreciates all the work you put into this translation and your determination to finish it. everyone talking shit can just suck it cuz translations are no easy thing. thanks for keeping at it and i look forward to seeing the final product in the future

  5. I’m really glad the project is still going forward. I’m also glad that not everything was lost — that’s a terrible feeling and I know it all too well.

    Hopefully it’s been a good project for you. I’m certainly excited about it. πŸ™‚

  6. Sadly, life happens. But, at least you didnt lose everything. I have had that happen. Believe me, I know that feeling, having lost everything in HD crashes or the like.

    I admit I don’t know much about ASH, but I do like the idea of seeing more stuff translated. We lose out on some of the most awesome games out there! All because many of the games in question are definite “niche” markets over here.

  7. I understand what you when thru. Apple done same shit to me. I’m Glad to see you finish this game off, I am big fan Hironobu Sakaguchi’s games so I wish you well and thank you for finishing the game.

  8. Keep up the good work, I really look forward to seeing it released.
    Your efforts are appreciated, ^.^

  9. Good Luck, man. We’re rooting for you, no matter how long. For your satisfaction, thanks.

  10. Omg. Finally a reply
    About fucking god damn time
    and looky here its still not done.
    Your fucking horrible

  11. No, YOU’RE fucking horrible, Kris. Who the fuck are you to complain about work that Psycho’s doing for free? Did you even READ the entry?

    Seriously, if you wanna play the game THAT bad, go translate it yourself. If not, shut up and wait, like everyone else.

    On a lighter note, good to see the project’s still going. Best of luck to you, Psycho, and keep up the good work~!

  12. Glad to see it isn’t totally lost πŸ™‚
    Hope to see a finished translation release.

  13. Kris don’t be a jerk, once you’re able to complete a translation project of this size & not have ANY hiccups along the way…THEN you can talk. Accidents happen so stop being a douch.

    Hey Psy, if it isn’t too much trouble & as long as it won’t mess up your work do you think you could add subtitles for the cutscenes? If at all possible I think it’d be good to do if you haven’t already been working on that idea, some of the cutscenes are pretty lengthy & they have alot of banter between characters.

  14. Kris, you’re a douche. You’re one of the internet babies that believe that you’re entitled or privileged to everything. P9ycoblaster can stop the project any time he wants to without ever releasing the game. He doesn’t owe you a thing.

  15. FYI Psy is a female.
    Get your facts straight you fucking idiots.
    The whole lot of yas are a bunch of fucking tools.

  16. Don’t change the subject away from your douchery Kris, gender has nothing to do with how rude & arrogent you were to p9ycoblaster. MABEY if you apologise for what you said to p9ycoblaster, HER & us would forgive you for what you said & we’ll drop the subject.

  17. Hey! GREAT NEWS!
    Slave here, was a beta tester… I’m still interested if there’s work to be tested… and in 2 weeks I’ll be in vacation so I could be full time on it πŸ™‚ Just say the word!

    Also, you mention about Graphic stuff… if it can help you, I’m an Ace in photoshop, anything graphic releated you need to be done, just ask… if it can me loaded up in Photoshop, I can do it πŸ™‚ You know how to contact me! Dont hesitate!

  18. Wow Kris, that is way low. How dare you ridicule something someone is doing for FREE!!! I’d like to see you translate a whole game from scratch and release it within a year. Do it, and I’ll personally kiss your ass and apologize. LEAVE PSY ALONE!! She can do whatever the hell she wants, and it’s because of people like you that the rest of us have to wait so long!!! I’m sure it’s not very motivating to log on and see people like you bitching about work that I’ve done FOR FREE. DO you even understand how horribly depressing it is to see people slam your hard work??? It sure as hell would make ME want to drop the project, BUT SHE DIDN’T, EVEN WITH ASSES LIKE YOU! If I were her, I would personally see to it you NEVER got a copy of this patch. Good luck in your pointless bitchings Kris, cuz I’m sure you are the type of person who does this everywhere on multiple sites. I would be afraid to see your comments elsewhere. You must make a lot of people angry with you, I hope it makes you feel good.

    And to Psy, thank you so much for updating and letting the rest of us decent human beings know what is going on. Everyone here really appreciates your work, and I truly hope that you have had an overall good experience learning and translating. If there is anything at all I can do to help, please let me know. It is EXCELLENT news to hear you are working on ASH again, and you have no idea how big of a smile is on my face right now just knowing that there is still hope for this game. I Love it, and I love you for doing this!!! ❀

  19. All I see is QQ.

  20. Rage more at pixels please.
    More and more please.

  21. Who the hell is Pixels? Don’t think you can run from this Kris, you appoligise for the crap you said or we’ll continue to harp on you. Be a MAN & take responcibility…that is if you aren’t really a child which is probably the case.

  22. Good luck!

  23. I dunno why everybody is flamming so much on that obvious Troll Kris… just ignore him… it…Psy knows all the work is much appreciated, we just have to be patient. Hopefully Troll’s words doesnt affect Psy…

    All I have to say is Psy is doing Golden Work, and deserve’s a goddamn Medal, truly marvelous Work Psy is doing! Keep it up!

  24. Rage more please.
    Getting so worked up over a silly game.
    Gaming is serious business.

  25. James learn to type you retard.

  26. Thank you for the update Psycoblaster.

  27. Well if Kris has a history of trolling then I’m done wasting my time on him, thanks for the update Slave & sorry for filling this comment sheet with wasted posts everyone, INCLUDING Kris…didn’t mean to give you the satisfaction Kris won’t happen again.

  28. I’m glad there’s an update at ALL, still eager for the final patch release.

  29. Good to know James,

  30. Yes thecoldone,

    about fucking time regarding the update.

  31. thank you and good luck!

  32. Really though psy IF it’s possible PLEEEAASE include english subtitles for the cutscenes, that’d be a BIG help in understanding the story thanks.

  33. To drop the project? The shit it finished, already. Just stop being lazy and release it OR delete the thing and pretend it never happened. BITCH!

  34. lol. These kinds of trolls are the best. They’re not actually witty or clever but they’re still so determined. It’s adorable.

    Sorry about your data. Learned the same thing myself, any data you don’t have backed up is data you don’t mind losing.

  35. Your support is appreciated, ski.

  36. Stfu ski, no1 wants to hear it.
    Fucking tool

  37. Ski RUUULES!!!! Though I’m more of a Snowboarder myself.

  38. Cool story James..
    Keep them coming..

  39. Did your parents beat you when you where young Kris? Or is your obvious lack of self-esteem the result of your mental incapability to respond to others in a respectful way?

    Psycho is doing this work for the community. You, on the other hand, seem to spend your time on an online blog, sprawling your misanthropist one-liners at everyone.

    But no, your life is cool too.

  40. Just wanted to say I have been patiently waiting for you to release your translation for a very long time now. And to be able to play this game I am willing to wait longer. I am so happy to hear you are still going forward with it even after a setback that would have most people smashing their computer.

    Please keep the good attitude towards your project. Their are people out here who will love to see the finished product. It’s a long time coming but that means it will be that much better when you finally get it done. Good luck.

  41. Your ass must be terribly jealous of how much shit comes out that filthy mouth of yours, Kris. Honestly, if you don’t have anything better to do than to flame and curse at someone who’s doing an excellent job contributing to the community out of her own free time and will, then I suggest you take some sleeping pills and down it with some whiskey; I hear it works wonders on curing the attitude of unbelievable dicks like you.

  42. On a lighter note,
    “I really won’t care about people who flame and talk shit, but all I know is that my ambition is still present and it’s gonna be done someday.”

    That’s all I needed to hear, kudos to you, I’ll be waiting. πŸ˜€

  43. Bas thanks for that.
    I’ll keep that in mind.

  44. RealityHurts,
    Your name says it all.

  45. Ok guys time to ignore Kris. He was quiet for a while so lets leave him be & mabey he’ll leave. For those of us lucky enough to figure out how to get rid of bullies in school (suprize suprize ignoring them actually works) lets put that knowledge to use & let this flamers bonfire die.

    With enough neglect he’ll find some other blog to flame & troll.

    New subject, psy I’m hoping the english subtitles for the cutscenes works out. I’ll be one of the first people to jump on your download link once you open it. CAN’T WAIT!! I’m pretty sure SE isn’t going to bring Blood of Bahamut stateside so if you want to do that next we’d all really appreciate it!

  46. I’m terribly sorry your parents periodically beat you, Kris, and that your uncle occasionally drops by and touches you in awkward, naughty places, but posting on this forum won’t solve anything. 😦

  47. @above
    I can’t help it, I’m just a fag. πŸ˜€

  48. My alcoholic, high-school dropout father beats me whenever he feels like it, and my crackwhore mother is to busy committing adultery with unsightly animals and basically anything that moves to even care. I simply can’t help the fact that I’m such an asshole. Alas, faggotry runs in my family, I’m pretty sure a few members of my family tree were related to Hitler at some point in time. On the other hand, I don’t mind being the scumbag of society, and growing to be a drunk, stereotypical redneck living solely off government relief cheques and chewing tobacco in a rusty, filthy pick-up truck in a hick town.

  49. @above
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  50. @James

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  51. Look at me, I’m pretending to be a tough guy on the Internet! Please disregard the fact that I’m probably a 50 year old virgin who has nothing else better to do than to post pointless comments! Excuse me, I am now going to make love to myself with the help of my left hand!

  52. I can’t find it! D: I need the help of my trusty magnifying glass and tweezers!

  53. It’s no use, I give up!

  54. @ the fake kris

    Your pathetic.
    Be more realistic please.

  55. Thanks for the efforts of doing this translation i wish you luck


    For the trolls. πŸ˜€

  57. Been keeping an eye on this translation for quite some time. I hope you never ‘attempt’ to translate another game. Ever.

    Face it guys, this translation will NEVER be released.

    “The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised.” -George F. Will

  58. Gw Naz.

    I concur/

  59. @Naz and Fabre
    Sadly, I grudgingly agree…

  60. Fanboys..
    No replies?

  61. Ok guys it won’t work unless you leave them be.

  62. I’m still waiting for it to be released. I just check back at the GBAtemp forum and here every now and then. It was fun in Japanese when I played it for a few minutes and can’t wait for this gal to release her project.

  63. that’s why… i don’t really like mac…

  64. Ok James, STFU

  65. Wow, lotta hate here.

    At this point I wouldn’t blame Psy one bit if the translation was never released just to spite all the assholes.

    The only assurance I can offer is to remind Psy that for every dickweed who posts here and on GBAtemp giving you shit for not meeting THEIR schedule, there are 10-20 of us who’ve been silently anticipating and supporting you and this translation.

    And yes, beta testing a Fan Translation is a little unorthodox, so the fuck what? Maybe Psy wanted to make sure it was perfect before releasing it to the public, and instead all you douchebags do is hate because YOU’RE not one of the chosen testers.

    Rock on, Psy, whether you release or not (though I personally hope you will :P)

  66. ^
    Cannot word it any better. Fuck the haters. They just venting out on you because they are selfish.
    Hope to hear some good news in the future πŸ˜€

  67. Yeah fuck the fanboys.

    Kris, this is for you.

  69. I’m sure that speaks for everybody else who has commented. Just letting you know how we know. ‘Nuff said.

  70. Kris, judging from the time you spend commenting and posting solely to attack others, I wonder; do you have any friends? I think not. Go huddle in the corner of your filthy trailer home and cut your wrist knowing that you’ll never amount to anything.

  71. I’m sorry you feel that way, Kris. If you think it’s so stupid, why comment at all? I’m sure you ought to have better things to do. If not, you SERIOUSLY need to go fuck yourself, at the very, very least, although suicide would be preferred.

  72. @psy As much as I’d like a patch of this game, I respect your decision whatever it may be. I’ll admit it was a bit messy when we were left in the dark, but you were right to say that you are under no obligation to update every whenever. So good job for your work so far, and here’s to hoping you decide to finish it.

  73. Hey Elvis, go wrist urself.
    Its not a preference, u need to do that. : )

  74. LOL @above
    obviously, he has nothing else better to do. =,=”

  75. @above
    i guess u dont as well

  76. @above, that’s besides the point, and also, i can see you’ve been posting for quite a while. every time you post, you’re simply proving elvis right.

  77. @psy, when you release the patch, you should zip and lock a password onto it. make the password, “krisisadouchebag” making it so that every time a person out of the thousands that will rejoice and download it demean kris and his faggotry. ^^

  78. Jason, grow up.
    Stop feeding the trolls.

  79. Hello Psy, I’ll stay with this site & wait untill the patch or whatever you’re adding to the translation is finished. I am VERY excited for this & cannot WAIT to get my hands on a copy of this….well I guess I CAN wait if you need time to make it perfect lol. I still would like to know what program I would need to run this translation, I’ve got an original Jap copy of the game & I do have a Lite…..but I’d rather play it on my DSiXL if possible. (double sized screen=AWESOME!!)

    Just try to put in an update mabey once every 2 months or so…if anything just to keep the doubters quiet you know.

  80. Cuz psy is gna listen to you James…

  81. “…it’s gonna be done someday.” ‘Someday’ is a vague term. By someday, does it mean what, 2-10 years from now?

  82. Hush wtf & deal with it. You want it out sooner then YOU do it. It’s not like anyone else is trying to translate this game so quite crying everyone.

  83. Haha, James = Hook, line and sinker.

  84. Yeah James quite crying.

  85. I’m assuming that a DSi or DSiXL would be necessary for applying the patch. I don’t think a DSLite would work. I can’t wait, I’ve been staring at my copy of ASH, occasionally popping it my DS and watching the opening, starting a game and wishing I was fluent in Japanese lol…. then I have to turn it off because I can’t stand to not know what is going on!!! I can’t wait to play it!!!

  86. @Kurisu

    wait longer…
    lets say another year or so..

  87. wtf=WTF? Whatever you’re trying to do or prove is lost to all of us. Most of us are adults (maturity wise I’d hope) so any elementary school shenanigans are wasted & quite pathetic.

  88. @Kris
    Well, you’ve gotten your point across here, and I do understand why you are upset. Everyone has been waiting for this release for some time now, and I’m sure a lot of people went out and invested the money in a physical copy of this game when this translation was announced. But regardless, this is being done for free, and it really won’t make it happen any faster by griping about it all the time. Just keep patient and try not to be so negative. That goes for everyone really…

  89. Adults plays games?
    nuff said.
    You sad fuck. @ James

  90. Wow, the trolls are restless lately.

    God forbid any of you go translate the game on your own goddamn time. Of course not. You have to demean the person who’s doing you all a big fat favor by actually caring that maybe you’d like to play the game in English.

    Fuck the lot of you. All of you dissenters are proof of why birth control is a marvelous practice and having children should be licensed in the U.S. under penalty of imprisonment.

    Psy, please keep up the fantastic work, and I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience you’ve gone through for us all.

  91. I find it somehow strange that it went from ‘done’ to ‘back to working on it’.

    I wish they’d just release the ‘done’ beta to us in he mean time….

  92. @”Fuck the lot of you”

    Stop sucking up u wanker

  93. Well said @ Relf.

    Or just release the beta version..
    Obviously its not gna perfect…….
    Fucking psy

  94. Wow, it’s still running? Cool!
    Thanks, psychoblaster. Inspired by the (supposed)100% translation of Innocent Sin, huh?

    Perfectionism is cool. I get that too sometimes.

  95. Wow “Someone” what you just said is the worst thing I’ve seen in this thread. That was just a so damn terrible thing to say.
    While i am still hoping for a release (but seriously… I am not so sure anymore), I can really understand their feeling.
    I think i was one of the first to have seen this website revived when the project seemed dropped, and i’ve checked it every now and then and still nothing, the best would be that it would never be released, that would be the best joke ever.

  96. With all the translation projects lately, it’s becoming increasingly clear that it’s better to spend the years studying Japanese instead of waiting on hand and foot for these translation projects that never seem to see the light of day.


  97. What’s with all the hate comments? They sound like something women would say when they feel like they’ve been toyed with. I didn’t know girls are waiting in line for this.

    I simply have the patience of a turtle. Either that, or this game isn’t what my life is about. The game is cool and everything, but if it doesn’t make it, who cares. We still have other cool shit in our lives. Besides, our task is to WAIT. I know this can be quite hard, but we can’t program OR translate. It’s the only thing we can do.

  98. I agree with you “wtf”, instead of waiting an eternity for a translation that may never see the light of the day, i should spend my time learning Japanese.

  99. Just dropped in here to see if this is still happening, and apparently it’s still going to happen.
    Keep it up!

    Also, this is quite the comment thread..

  100. Psy your a tool.
    Keep it up dickwad

  101. As far as my knowledge goes, this is the most flamed fan translation ever.

    I guess that happens (this sounds worse than mean it to) when you announce that the translation is done and over a year later nothing has been released.

  102. Don’t stress too much Nobody, these kids are just bored & haven’t grown up & found a better use for their time. If you didn’t catch the last update the reason for it not being released when said done was because Psy said she lost the USB mem stick that had all her work on it. So for awhile she felt discouraged & didn’t want to do all the work again, but now she is finaly redoing everything…which is why it’s taking longer.

    This is something little dick Kris obviously missed.

  103. hey james
    stop living in ur moms basement you loser.

  104. Psy, I dunno if you care about what I have to say, but let me say this: Thank you for even trying to translate this game. I will wait for as long as it may take to finish this game.

  105. Have a big cheer from France on your translation project.
    I wanted to play this game from its release and even if I can manage myself in japanese I never had the courage to play it.

    I just recently remembered this game and stomped on your blog while searching if a translation project has been already done.

    Keep up the good work and remeber one thing: “the toad’s spit can’t reach the white columbus” πŸ˜‰

  106. wow. you guys are lame. stfu and let psy get on with it :/

    get lifes creeps.

  107. Hey I just stumbled on this blog. How did the translation go? I really wish this game had been released in the US. I hope you succeed with your translation and I definitely will be using it if it is released.

  108. Don’t get your hopes up, a public release of this project is more likely than Duke Nukem Forever being released and/or Phantasian Productions releasing anything.

  109. Duke Nukem Forever is getting released. I guess that still doesn’t negate your point with the use of the “and/or”, I just thought I would throw this out there. Gearbox is now working on it.

  110. Phantasian Productions also released the anime episodes of TOP before they got licensed.

    Needless to say, they’ve been taken down now but they DID release something.

    My absolute favorite website of choice when someone mentions Duke Nukem Forever,

  111. Haha, that happened to me before πŸ™‚ good luck is the only thing I can say because I’m not going to kiss your ass to make sure you don’t drop it(cause you can.) And most people don’t want to admit it, but they probably don’t care and just want the game translation to be released.

  112. Hey bitch its december already
    hurry the f up

  113. Hey Psy,
    don’t bother
    You pathetic sob

  114. Psy is a girl? Damn, I wanna smell her feet.

  115. I used to be patient, but at this point it seems like it’ll never be released and it was all some kind of gloating stunt. I can’t even be sure if the game actually HAS been translated, aside from what few bits are shown in screen shots.

    Is the translator had any decency, they would stop teasing us with this and either release it or shut the whole thing down to just get it over with.

  116. Don’t listen to those assholes ^

  117. anyone knows where to find the leak of this translation project?

  118. I guess there is someone slower than Obama when it comes to progress.

  119. Merry Christmas!! I hope you got all the presents that you wanted this year, and I hope you have a White Christmas too.

  120. This project is dead.
    Fuck you!

  121. I guess it’s too goddamn hard to drop by your own blog once every six months to say “hey, this is not dropped, wait a bit more”, right?

  122. Fucking Koreans

  123. my penis is so hard yet so small i cant believe it’s a vagina :O

  124. No net during my vacation so I’m gonna say this now. Happy New Year and I hope you go to hell psy.

  125. Hey man,
    Take your time, I wish I had the skills to help out. Anyways good luck and have a happy new year. πŸ™‚

  126. It will be much much more reassuring that the project is not dead by dropping in and wish a Merry Christmas or Happy New Year. It wasn’t that hard to say those words in your own blog.

  127. @Kris

    Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one, but in your case, you simply are one.

  128. Geez, why are the comments filled with so many pathetic douchebags?
    Those have been said multiple times, but, please find something better to do in your life and leave psy alone.

  129. Geez, Psy is doing this for free. She deserves a life outside of working on this, and if she can have a life away from this, so can anyone else. Stop whining, trolling, and otherwise wasting your time.

    Bookmark the blog, bookmark GBAtemp, and go do something else for a year. It’s not like anyone else here’s gonna do a better job AND finish before she does, and if it happens, congrats to whoever. Otherwise, go get a life away from this page, and have some patience. Don’t bother replying to me, either, ’cause I’m going to go be productive and not be back here until probably sometime next year.

    Yay for Psy :]

  130. More fan boys please.

  131. Hello psy, hope you are still continuing the project, btw a late happy new year for everyone πŸ™‚

  132. This project is dead. Patch was available to her friends only.
    Let’s move on.

  133. so Duke Nukem forever is going to be released after 12 years

  134. i know you’ll finish it someday ^^

  135. Contact “Guild McCommunist” on the forums of

    For the beta patch.
    It’s roughly translated and works decently.

  136. Thanks James.
    Contacted the guy and it was sweet..

    Don’t know why Psy couldnt of jst released this.

  137. hi contacted β€œGuild McCommunist” on and he said that hes not giving the patch out to anyone is there any chance you might now where else i could get it cheers

  138. Yea, I have also contacted “Guild McCommunist” and he said he would give it to me if I let him touch my penis.

  139. oh so this project is dead? =( Well there goes two years of waiting XD ah well…… Thanks for trying anyway…..

  140. I really wish people will stop throwing out his name like that. He hasn’t given the patch to anyone.

  141. So he does have the patch but hes a fuckwit who doesn’t allow us to experience it?

  142. Why would someone give out a beta patch that’s full of typos and errors?

    You’re retarded.

  143. Cuz this bitch isn’t releasing it?
    And the beta is better than nothing?

    You fucking idiot

  144. Phoenix Goddess why don’t u suck on Guild McCommunist’s cock.

  145. Learn Japanese.

    It’s hard to be gay when I’m a girl…

    Losers XD

  146. I love how you think psyco owes you something. You aren’t entitled to anything and they don’t have to give you a damn thing.

    Go learn Japanese or wait for someone else to translate it. Simple as that. If you know you’re not going to get the patch here, especially after all of these lame comments, move the fuck on and get over yourself.

  147. Okay guys, everyone can have a copy of the translation patch.

    When it’s finished and released by psychoblaster.

    Stop complaining or you won’t get it at all.


  148. Wow … reading some posts here really makes me lose hope on humanity.

  149. Some people need to get laid…

    Love how these tools are responding to obvious trolls.

  150. @Guild McCommunist

    Thanks for stating the obvious dumbass.
    U mad?


  152. hmmmmm penis

  153. Truly a faggot.

  154. Trolls? Here?


    More like people who are mad because Psy fucked their fanboy bum and feel the need to relieve the butthurt onto others.

  155. Goddamn I am still waiting for you to finish.

  156. …So much hate

  157. You guys know this translation is all a troll right? The game really isn’t being translated.

  158. Fuck you Psy.
    Its as simple as that.

  159. Omg this is sooooo lame, release the beta patch at least!
    upload it to megaupload and open a new thread on gbatemp please
    beta patch is better than nothing

  160. @madcow

    dude i doubt she will release anything, if she has translated it, it was only probably to her friends and is showing it off to try and make us jealous

  161. You fucking bitch

  162. fck, if anyone has the beta patch, post the fking link for God Sake!!!

  163. screw them. here’s to hoping you get real motivated into finishing this project. as to how you’ll do that, i’ll leave that to you.

    i know when this comes out that it’ll be one of the sweetest translation projects to ever grace the scene, right up there with ’em hotshots like absolute zero and crimson nocturnal.

    so go get ’em. πŸ™‚

  164. Give me that bloody patch already!

  165. Psy, you really sucks.
    I hope you get raped by the football team of TP Mazembe, that also fucked SC Internacional’s ass!

  166. i wonder if you want to beat phantasian productions when it comes to working on a single translation

  167. Let’s gang rape Psy!

  168. Damn. So much hate. Just move on and play something else instead. She doesn’t owe any of you anything, at all. If it gets released, great, if not, oh well; there’s plenty of other SRPGs out there (Tactics Ogre, Final Fantasy Tactics, Front Mission etc etc). Some of the kiddies on here don’t realise they’re just pissing this translator off by flaming like this. Pathetic. Leave her be.

  169. OMG
    I finally got into contact with Psy.
    She has plans to finish this but shes super busy.

    She gave me the beta v2 copy.
    Works so good : )

  170. Well that’s good if true, how far does the beta translate too? Also with the release of the 3DS it’s a PRETTY SAFE assumption that this game will never leave Japan so Psy has no need to worry about a wasted translation project.

  171. I guess it’s a showdown between Psy and Failtasian Productions. Who will take the longest to do a translation project?

    Failtasian is in the lead though. Don’t worry Psy! You can catch up.


  173. Beta translate, is basically complete.
    Just some few translation errors..

  174. Come on and upload this beta translation and post the link here, so we can all Finally play the game.

  175. Hey guys I just uploaded it.

    Enjoy and no need to thank me.
    Psy should of been doing this…

  176. Fucking Rick Rolling retard. Get out you troll & go guard 4chan’s doors from smart people.

  177. DO NOT CLICK Finally’s LINK, it’s a damn Rick Roll video!!

  178. you guys are so stupid, its hilarious.

  179. Stop white knighting, Henry. It’s pretty obvious she is not releasing the damn thing.

  180. Osama is dead. Next target: Psy.

  181. Psy’s been dead for some time now

  182. hey psy after all this mayhem maybe you be happy acomplish your goal of translate perfectly a game let the half of the world knows about it and don’t share it with them even if they are begin like the half of the dudes above let me congratulate you i’d do the same thing πŸ˜€
    PD: kris is stupid

  183. hey danren you translate but not to share???
    oh come on, than why you translate it?
    it’s useless for me if i translate it but not to share it
    because i like to share big moment in my live
    but if you (danren or psy) not give the patch don’t worry
    that your choose. and good work for translate it

  184. sorry for my last comment about
    i don’t know the reason you drop your project
    but now i know why and because of that
    good work for you translate the game and i congratulate you even you didn’t finish your project

  185. my ball sack is itchy

  186. I’m sorry but some people should learn some proper English syntax.
    I couldn’t even understand what the tools above me, just typed.

  187. i dont kare XD and you shoul learn how to resign youeself in life

  188. Seems like you people want pbtrans to end like Crimson Noctural ¬¬

  189. Man, don’t give up, you will see when you release this translation, it’s like a great personal victory! πŸ˜€

    Thay’s what she needs.

  191. Let’s shoot Shaq in the HEAD..that’s what HE NEEDS!!!!

    Also an update for people, it seems I’m a popular user to troll. Let me explain the difference to everyone just to be clear…ANY post flaming this project to hating on Psy is NOT the real James (i.e. me) it’s some twat with no life & even less to do with his/her time. I am in full support of this project & I didn’t buy a JP import of this game to go to waste. I’ll have hope that this project gets done or I’ll stop commenting all together…NEVER hate or deny I want this to work.

    I am also the one that warned people of Finally’s retarded Rick Roll video in a post claiming he had the translation posted. I DO want this to work & I HAVE faith in Psy….ANY other user named James saying the opposite is not me.

  192. I have a big dick.

  193. I just fucked James in the ass!
    That felt good.

  194. Hey, Psy

    A big fuck you to you, bitch.

    Is it too goddamn hard to post one update in your blog, even a fucking one liner, every 6 or so months?

    Thank god I started learning japanese, given some time I will be able to ditch assholes like you completely.

  195. She’s not releasing shit since Noitora leaked the patch way back. The end.

  196. Stupid fucking wanking cocks!



  197. Doesn’t matter. By the time this is released, everyone will have forgotten about this game and no one will care.

  198. wow hasn’t it been years since this whole project started? just wow…

  199. Not me BAAAKAAA, I’ll still be here hoping for this project to be finished. If anything just to spite the retarded Trolls here & to give Psy hope that people aren’t all complete douche bags & there are alot of us who want to see this project completed. Sure hope she doesn’t drop off the face of the earth like Legendary Frog & Alvin the Earthworm did due to Troll infestation.

    I know if I had a project I was doing out of love for something I wouldn’t give a rats flying ass if retarded Justin Bieber cum chuckers showed up & decided to make Troll Camp in my open forum…I’d see my project through….but I wouldn’t give those kunts access to it!! πŸ˜‰

  200. I love cock.

  201. Let the kids troll. That’s is all they are good at. Let them kids hate, that is all they are good at. I am trying to learn how to rom hack, for my own personal reason and though i still have a long way to go people like you Noitara and whoever else is on the GBAtemp forums are my inspiration. I am also slowly starting to learn japanese so i can someday pull off a something like this.

  202. Funny you should mention Noitora – it’s thanks to him that we have no patch. Yes, go suck his cock some more for his lovely manjuice, you deserve it.

  203. I hope this patch is released one day..

    Regardless of the trolls, or the complaints that the game isn’t very good, I think it deserves to see the light of day, if only because of the amount of time and effort it took to translate.

    I mean shit, we haven’t heard an update since September of last year and there are still people wondering about the translation on some sites!

  204. so many ungrateful comments…..Psy don’t release the patch……seriously ppl take things for granted…i mean she is doing this on her own accord….wether she wants to release this or not is her choice…..n if it were me…i wud finish this patch share it with my frnds….n let the guys who r ungrateful n inhuman rot in this blog waitin for ever.

  205. Psy died and was sent to hell.
    The End.

  206. LOL U BADS.
    Psy released this to her own network of peeps ages ago.

    She’s not going to release this to the public, especially after all these neg comments.

    Just an FYI : )

    P.S PSY did a bang up job on this project.

  207. Flames and ignorant comments are easily ignored. That’s what the rest of us do. If I just listened to every negative comment I ever got, I wouldn’t even want to leave the bedroom. I’d just sulk in the dark, growing every more self-conscious until I wasn’t even human anymore.

    You need to remember that what matters in life are YOUR experiences and what YOU can do for YOURSELF. The masses are ignorant and will not comprehend what’s good for them–that’s why we still have wars and cultural relativism. So even though it won’t stop, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to make the world a little better. The noblest actions are those done without concern for appreciation.

    That being said, any translation of a worthy game so that the rest of the world can enjoy it is appreciated here. As a writer, I know that translation can take a long time; it’s more than just a simple replacement of grammatical variables. It relies on your character and interpretation to see it through to the finish. I still hope that you’ll be able to finish this project one day so that you’ll have a released patch and be able to say, “I did that. I helped.”

    The internet is full of immature and scornful losers with no backbone or vision to see a good thing. Because the thing with hot air is a balloon can rise above it.

  208. Well said sir….. You speak my mind

  209. Blow him

  210. Hello, It’s been two years since I last check on this project. Hang in there and good luck

  211. rofl i love how you all keep posting this person is probably dead for all we know… updating on a yearly basis is as good and inactive rofl don’t bother girl the sooner you say you wont do it someone else will actually try to do it! I hate people who say they are going to do something and hog the spotlight so others don’t bother trying.

  212. ^Again I’m not the only James in the world & there are Trolls who love to pretend to be me, this James above MY post isn’t me. So Psy IF you did indeed release the english patch could you access my email & send it to me. I’m not gonna post it here (for obvious reasons) but I would like to play A.S.H. in english if you can send me the data.

    Thanks you’ve still got my support!!

  213. i have anal sex every night with psy that is why she isnt releasing the patch. it’s so open and wide i wil stick my head in there. oh i didnt mean the patch. will never be open cuz i put the files up my dick maybe one day she can suck it out.

  214. Followed this from the start, sad to see it sputtered out to nothing like this. Well best of luck with whatever it is you do now.

  215. There was a time I believed in this. But not anymore. There was supposedly a beta over what, a year ago? But only like a dozen people got it. I have yet to see any of them make any comments about it here.

    Personally, I think p9ycoblaster is an attention fiend. They want people to think that the game will be released if we just hit the site often enough and rack up the hits.

    Over two hundred thousand hits to this site, and save that first batch of pictures, nothing. Not even an update on release, nothing at all. Even trying to google and see if someone ELSE is doing it only brings up p9ycoblaster. So, if you want to play the game, then I have this to say “Learn Japanese”.

    I call Shenanigans, on the Internet, in this very Blog.

    As of this post, I’m deleting the link from my favorites list.

    Shame on you p9ycoblaster for being a troll of the worst kind. By trying to string along fans with hopes of a translated game. One that I seriously doubt you ever started in the first place. You probably just found a title of interest and talked the big talk.

    If you REALLY do have a beta, RELEASE it. Prove your haters wrong. Prove that you are REALLY ACTUALLY working on it. Won’t matter to me, as I’m not going to come back here ever again.

  216. I’m so horny, I can’t even think straight.
    I need to rape psy and fuck the shit out of her.
    Psy, come to me!
    Let me fuck you now.
    You bloody bitch!

  217. Psy is a liar with nothing to prove, probably one of her many lies she forgot about since there are so many.

  218. this is finally??Were is the download link?????Thanks!!^^

  219. Psy, take your time / polish your project as much as you like.. and don’t listen to those leeches who can’t begin to comprehend the amount of work it takes to pull such a project.

    To the posters who aren’t happy, do it yourself; see if you can come up with something lol

  220. lol You’re not getting a patch. It doesn’t exist you dumbfuck. Stop being so optimistic and realize you’re on the internet.

  221. Lol, the reason you’re not getting a patch, is because you are a fucking cockwanking dicklinking faggot who trolls in the stupidest way ever.

    “bob”, the name “bob” insinuates you’re scared to release your name because the supporters will find you and rape your ass to fucking hell.


  223. can we at least get a update its been a year. i mean it will only take a couple minutes of your time. i aint no faggot, i just wanna know what your currently up to cause y’know some of us have been waiting for a while and just a small update will light up our small fire of hope.

    thanks for working on this project.

    P.S. If you dont read this its ok. your still awesome πŸ˜€

  224. Jason Kirtswen doesn’t know the meaning of the word “denial”. Probably not the word “delusional”, either.

  225. im a tool

  226. Jason, you’re somewhat true, but you’re a fuckwad as well.

  227. First let me offer you my condolences on the loss of your USB drive I have had the same thing happen to me once before. I looked over the most recent posts I could find and I wasn’t sure if you would need more testers, since the last post I found was more than a year ago now. I would love to offer my help if you are still interested in this project. I natively speak English and could help with the idioms or just general grammar check. If you would like the help please feel free to email me.

  228. 80% of the people on here are fucking trolls… Ugh…

    If you still require beta testers, I would like to offer my assistance. I am a native speaker of English, and have been a proofreader/beta reader for several people over the past years, so I will be able to pick up any errors.

    Just send me an email if you’re interested. (Gimare (at) live (dot) com)



  229. i am a native in fucking up the ass so if you require me assisstance i am willing to help, please take a shit first so i dont get ur crap all over my long thick dick

  230. I’m arranging a bunch of niggas to gangrape Psy.
    Anyone willing to help?

  231. just wait for 2099 and u can play this translation =D

  232. Quiet, present day, how will the project?, Is able to advance more?

    I’m impatient, my braces!

  233. Hello!
    I’m working on a French website dedicated to Mistwalker ( ) and I would like to know how will the project progresses.

    Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

  234. How is the project going?

  235. its doing really fine, u just have to wait for 2099

  236. She is not releasing anything shitheads. The bitch threw a fit and that’s it, end of story.

  237. that is correct i have nothing to gain from doing this, so i am going to drop the project. your all idiots that have given up in life. also all those pictures i put up, they were fake i never started anything LOL eat by nigger hating pussy

  238. I will always come back here just to say: FUCK YOU, PSY!
    You fat sucker!

    Happy 2012, niggers!

  239. New information about the project guys?? It would be nice!

  240. This is probably pointless to post this but I am still waiting. I look forward to playing this game in English and am still hoping it will come to pass. but I understand if you gave up. I hope you didn’t though….

  241. We all may still have a chance to play this game…in English…WITH voice acting.

    “…somewhere out there a partially (maybe even complete?) localized version exists.”


  242. Seriously you really think this project was for real?
    The project was over and there was just the beta testing (October 2009) after like 2 years of NOTHING here goes another post saying he lost everything.
    How can this be even possible? The project was over and the beta should be already over already after 2 years? Even playing it 1 hour at day you should have finish the game 2 times already and if the old post in 2009 was true it’s not just a guy alone doing it.
    Seriously if the project was really over it’ not that hard to recover the translation file from one of those beta test guys.
    Just put your soul at peace this project was a troll all the time, or maybe he was really translating it but he just gave up.

  243. These fail trolls are hilarious!

  244. Fuck this! I’ve been waiting since 2009 for this! Now you’re telling me this isn’t coming out! Fuck!!!! I fucking hate this was there even a project at the start?

  245. … Gee, what a fan wank I see. ASH may be a game that I can care less about, but go translate it yourself, you spoiled wankers!

  246. yeah we all couldve learned enough japanese to play the game correctly in those over 4! years now….

  247. cunts mwaha

  248. Thank you, psycobitch. You are part of the reason why, some years back, I decided to give the finger to fan translators and actually learn japanese.

    Now I don’t have to rely on morons like you to play the games I like.

  249. … my god, it’s incredible how people can be this retarded. 2012 and there’s still people here complaining about this.

  250. I’ve been reading and following up on comments on this page from the time it was made. Yet I felt no sense of exacerbating hate nor anger towards Psycho and the other translators.
    All I ever wanted was to play this game and understand it. It’s come to this time where I still wait for it. As long as I am able to witness the effort the translators have dedicated into this project, I am satisfied. I couldn’t care less how long it takes. So long as I can play the game the way the translators intended.

    The trolls who accumulatively criticise the translators have no patience. Even if they believed there was going to be translation, at least thank them for withstanding such bullshit.

    And for the translators: You aren’t completely innocent… Losing the work on the USB didn’t completely kill the project. Finding it in the XP saved it. Isn’t that enough to say that this project was made to be finished?
    At the least, release a document on the story and dialog. That would be more than sufficient to make me and the whole world happy.



  252. first, i like to thank you PB and his team for making such a good translation
    second, i thank losbrancos for uploading the translated rom

  253. I just gotten the patch today. Haven’t tested it yet though. However I just want to thank all translators out there that had put much work into bringing these gems to english.

    Thanks PB, you’re a gem yourself. I know if I’m doing a translation project and if I face all these trollers above, I’d rather leave these ungrateful mongrels alone and enjoy the game in Japanese.

  254. awesome game thanx for the translation?

  255. Thanks for this great translation … even if the game is not that good to begin with D:

  256. Thanks for the translation πŸ™‚

    but there are some issues when using magic in the field at least on a M3 DS Real don’t know if other cards have the Problem too (please tell me if it works on others flawlessly).
    If i want to use Emu’s Healing/Revive magic (the first she has) the game hangs up.
    If i want to use the Dark mages magic to enhance the attaks with elemental damage the first two working but if i press right to get enhance magic number 3 the games also hangs.
    That are all that i saw so far i dont tested all units but i tested the original Japanese Rom and with it there are no hangups.

    … I hope you will finish the translation someday and please dont chancel it because it has leaked.

  257. Just look at all these fags trying to act all innocent.

  258. i always knew there was a translation i never lost hope and i always knew psy’s feet smelled great πŸ™‚

  259. Hijos de puta, Β‘por fin la traduccion!

  260. Just finished this game; clocked at a little over 34 hours. Great game overall. Worth at least one playthrough. Thanks to whoever “leaked” the translation. Still some major bugs in the game but it doesn’t make the game impossible; think of it as a challenge.


  262. Oh Yeah!
    Finally we do have the patch and you can also find it on the devil’s shadow forum, just google it!

    So fuck you psycobitch, since you are probably a fat guy wanking to all these comments.
    I truly hope you have died already or at least is in a critical condition.
    Fuck you forever!

    Kisses, love you.

  263. I see Guild communist leaked my translation, It isn’t finished and will take some more time to finish.

  264. Hey! GREAT NEWS!

    Slave here, and have an Update!!!! my dick just got smaller and p9ycoblaster has been on GBAtemp talking about the update only being given to a select group who pay for it.

  265. Hi Psycho. Sorry to see all of the hate spewing here. It’s completely uncalled for. Are you still picking away at the translation? Or are you working on any others? I hope all’s well.


  266. jrronimojrronimo, shut the fuck up psycho is sucking my asshole not for nuggets.

  267. I still love long cock, and i am still waiting for psy so fuck me in the ass i want a finished patch please psy you mother fucking whore.

  268. all of you shut your fucking mouths… translating bahamut blood and jams for thr psp and nds cuz i know how to im translating it from english to english you mother fucking this shit here is not even a good translation because i know what im doing now all of your newbs go play mabonogi and suck my balls

  269. dddf shut your fucking mouth or i will stick my dick in it, you better do a good job or amma kick your fucking gay ass

  270. Here is the patch:

    Fuck psychofatguy forever.

  271. Yeah, seems legit. Try submitting it to a reputable site first before dumping it in the comments section of some forgotten blog that shouldn’t be at the top of a search engine’s results.

  272. Glory to our master, the only FΓΌhrer, GEORGE W. BUSH!

  273. All niggers must die!

  274. RequiredName, you’re a nigger!

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