Translation is officially over.
Now comes beta testing.

Visit the above gbatemp thread for beta testing details.

~ by p9ycoblaster on October 10, 2009.

115 Responses to “Done”

  1. Wonderful !

  2. Cool, too bad i dont have a gbatemp account πŸ™‚

  3. lol bugbug, can’t you just make a gbatemp account?
    and great job p9yco, looking forward to the finished product =)

  4. I can’t believe that this is finally happening. Out of curiosity ere the files that you were considering (but not guarenteeing) translating…translated? I know you said they weren’t important so I guess that it’s not a big deal, just curious.

  5. Very nice to see this nearing completion!
    I would sign up for beta testing, but I am currently playing too many games as it is.
    Can’t wait to see the finished product though, so I can add it to the list and slowly start to make my way trough it. πŸ™‚

  6. Nice to see you complete your translation, especially through the drama and KH stuff that must’ve strayed you away time to time. Glad to see you come up with this; I can’t wait to see this game in action : )

  7. grats psyco , ive read the topic on gbatemp , ill just pass on trying to get into the beta tests , ill just end some other games ive started and keep waiting till you release your patch , i waited since february so ill wait a little longer

  8. guess you still haven’t picked the BETA testers yet?
    well guess I’ll wait for the release by wasting my time on Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days =)

  9. Oh, wow. I just want you to know I was very much looking forward to the translation of this game. By just perusing your blog posts and updates I could tell you and the people who must have helped with the project are a crazy dedicated group.

    In any case, I know beta testing is closed; but if you have a script, I’d be glad to just look it over for corrections and such.

  10. Yeah!!! U’re cool, THANKS!

  11. Man, I Just found out about this project recently, and from a skim of the posts, I feel bad about the team and everything…but you pulled through, man! I am honestly impressed! To (For the most part) single-handedly translate an entire new rpg is astounding, being a EN-FR-ES translator myself. The PokΓ©mon HG/SS teams should have no problem as everything but dialogue is the same as every other game, and the dialogue should be mostly from the original G/S/C games. Their struggle PALES in comparison to what you did! I am so proud of you! Thank you!

  12. holy fucking FUCk hell yesss!!!!!! ive been waiting to play this faking GAME in english!!!!!!!!! thank you so fucking much thank you OMFG omfg omfg omfg thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for the translation!!!!!! i cant wait till patch comes to the public!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you!!!!!!

  13. i hate to wait !

  14. O man i whant to play T_T i dont like to wait i wait so long….

  15. lol Ramza, quite the swear aren’t you haha
    (jks btw cause dont want to start a flame war lol)
    but beta testing gonna take awhile
    sigh… gonna be a long wait, hope its finished before christms

  16. Hey, I just registered here to post this when i read on temp about the leak. I’m one of the few who refuse to download a leaked translation. You guys are doing a gamer community service here and for some sped with their nose in space to leak a patch in their name when it’s obvious pb did this patch. Anyone who searches for current ips and trans patches knows pb is top dog for translation quallity so it is no use trying to steal fame, you’re just a bottom feeding worm when you leech off of people like this anyway.

    As an artist I know it sucks to have someone take credit for something you work your ass off to create. Just look at youtube and you will see that 90% of the world tries it at least once but what the dumbasses don’t understand is when you put out a dozen or more high quality pieces of work people know by default you made the one in question with a simple google search.

    Not trying to kiss your ass, I simply understand you are probably closer to arthritas now with a lot of blood sweat and maybe some tears in the work done here and some kid stole the glory. Just remember, children will play but the laughs are all yours when the spotlight becomes a crosshair in the end.

    All that aside,hope you guys are enjoying the holidays. Keep up the good work.

  17. pleaseee beta Brazi> por favor beta >,<

  18. is that spanish? lol

  19. nop Brazilian

  20. lol ok
    close enough right?

  21. excited!!!

    man, mad mad respects to you and your crew (and to everyone working on the closed beta as well!) keep sharp!

  22. holy shit i have orgasme for waiting this game lolzzz bad english kkkkk but please release the game pleaseeee

  23. So is there an ETA on the release of the translation yet?

  24. when you release the patch??

  25. Looks like this project was a troll

  26. This Project is fail.
    p9ycoblaster your a fucking idiot, wasting every1s time.

  27. Be patient you guys. These things take time.

  28. We are patient. It doesn’t take this long to beta test. The project is abandoned lol. It’s not coming. Ever. He would have posted something. But he hasn’t. It’s fake.

  29. Read the forum topic then. It’s still there. The translator(s) and beta testers have lives you know

  30. Yeah cuz it takes 3 months to beta test.. and no feedback fail is fail

  31. It would be nice to get an update, i was looking forward this translation.

  32. [fail] Have you ever done a translation project?

    [corey] They say it shouldn’t take much longer, by the end of May at most

  33. [Shinigami] – Sure have, the max i’ve done is a year.. and that was a shocker. I’m guessing this has been going on for over a year so…
    dots say it all.

  34. [fail] Was it more complex than A.S.H.? Actually, what exactly is it that makes different games take different lengths of time to translate?

  35. wow geez u 2 calm down… nothing to flame about

  36. Another month no update or progress.
    :Shinigami – you’re a tool just be quiet.
    :Mao – stfu.

  37. Dude at least be grateful that someone had tried to translate this ==”
    just what have you done? jack shit

  38. @ Fail
    Click the link, though it was posted the day after your comment there was an update on the beta testing.
    “I’m going on a trip this wednesday and i’ll be coming back in 7 days…
    But then once I come back, there are nothing school related going on so I’ll work my ass off for a new patch… and hopefully the second to last one (before public release)
    “I don’t think we need any more beta testers… Text related stuff are pretty much wrapped up (Just some of my technical job left)
    A few more graphics to photoshop, and all this is done.
    Now that I think about it, the remaining job is all mine… so if the final patch takes long to be released, the blames all on me :D”

    Nothing about it is really note worthy enough to have a post about it since the status hasn’t really changed, but it is still some news.

    Patience is the key!

  39. @ Mao
    Your a retard buddy.
    You should just keep quiet.

    “just what have you done? jack shit”
    Your bad.
    Its obvious that fail is just venting & your dumb enough to be caught up in it.
    Though I guess Shinigami is a bigger tool than you, if thats any benefit to you.

  40. Clearly not me.
    I wonder what email you used to register that comment?
    BTW it’s “You’re”. It’s the combination of “You” and “Are”. Your dictates something that belongs to you. You used it right when you said “Your bad.”, then got it wrong again at the “your dumb”.
    I also don’t understand why you would try to add to my comment. If you read it you will see that I was on their side, in the be patient kind of way, but not they what have you done, diy way. I couldn’t care less about that second part.
    If you want the name of Fabre then please feel free to say and I will change my name. If you just want to fake comments as me then could I ask you to at least research them. It will not only make you more informed at how I write my comments but it will also give you the ability to be a more convincing fake me, πŸ™‚

  41. And ofc theres always a person who always points out the errors.
    Get a life, buddy.
    Better yet, get laid.

    That being said, the Internet is serious business.

  42. I’m not your buddy, guy.

  43. LOL of all the things you had to correct, you had to say I’m not your buddy.
    I’ll retract my buddyness, to this:

    Get a life, loser.
    Better yet, get laid.


  44. @Fabre you just got fucking pwned.
    Fail moar pls.

  45. Last post of feeding the troll.

    Learn what pwn means.

    I wasn’t so much correcting as I was referencing this,

    Or even better the remix.

  46. Man you people are confusing but meh…
    just GTFO fail nobody likes you here o_o

  47. @Mao Shutup Chinese prick
    @Fabre Referencing south park. Nuff said.

  48. Well said fail

  49. @Fabre
    F off, no1 likes you

    can you hurry the f up?

  50. Someone shoot fail for being an immature prick?

  51. Someone needs to get laid for being so anal..

  52. Yeah I know, Fabre is a fucking fag.
    Go do every1 a favor and /wrist yourself.

  53. man can you people not start flaming each other?

  54. I would just really like to have an update on how the project is coming, I don’t care about the drama, just the game.

  55. then look on the gbatemp site -_-

  56. hmm… does beta testing usually take 6 months?

  57. Moo, thanks, I actually figured that out after I wrote that hehe πŸ˜› I know this is prolly posted somewhere as well, but where will the patch be posted once it is available?

  58. Project is finished guys. : )
    Head to gba temp to find the download link.
    Hope you guys appreciate it!


  59. i cant find the download link…. i think im blind lol

  60. I can not find the Download link either, looked on the GBA site and did not see a link 😦

  61. If it was finished then wouldn’t he have a new post instead of a comment?

    Anyone can abuse the comment system as it’s not a login any number of people can have the same username.

  62. Fail more please.
    Its fun to watch.

  63. lol indeed it is fun to watch :L

  64. This is fucking getting ridiculous

  65. I would be happy to play as is, im just too excited to wait!

  66. Yeah wait another year, should be coming out then…

  67. Ofc no update ffs

  68. any updates?

  69. nope dont think so lol

  70. wow no news whats going on this game should be out by now?

    tales of innocence is out soon and DQ9

  71. Fuck this guy is shit
    go wrist yourself u fucker

  72. wats go wrist yourself mean?

  73. the dude is crazy?

  74. Been playing this game recently!
    One of the beta testers give me their copy of the beta version.
    Its bloody good and extremely detailed..
    Don’t know why p9ycoblaster wants to wait.. when most of the stuff is done..

  75. aww cmon man dont rub in the fact u have it lol
    share the goods :L

  76. I got my beta game file from Guild McCommunist.
    Pst him on

  77. Yeah i did what the guy said above, jst got my copy.
    itss soooooooo goooodd

  78. He disagrees…..

  79. I did NOT give anyone the translation. Don’t make false rumors. If anyone bothers PM’ing on GBAtemp about the translation and asking for a patch, I will say firmly no.

    Don’t be a dick.

  80. joshua, if you have a copy can I get it from you?

  81. Well I have certainly waited this long, I am sure I can wait a bit longer. Soma Bringer is a good filler!

  82. nevermind that last comment

  83. if u have a copy PM me on gbatemp. miss_dslite

  84. Ignore the faggot post, pst me on gbatemp for a copy.

  85. Yeah, nice try. I already PM’d psycoblaster. If anyone PM’s me on GBAtemp I will forward it to the mods.

    I hate people being anonymous.

  86. wow…why would you try to get someone in trouble like that whom was trying to help in the translation process from the start.

  87. because they are angry for not being a tester when they most likely wouldnt help anyway and since he is the first on the list of testers, try to make him look bad

  88. “I hate people being anonymous.”
    Welcome to the internet faggot.

  89. Wow I’m lame

  90. no shit

  91. Wow fucking fail


  93. great! keep up the great work πŸ˜€ looks very awsome thus far. the fact that you donated alot of your own time to make this is pretty amazing in itself

  94. Wow, so many crying babies here…
    Why not just WAIT til Psyco wants to release it.

  95. project started a long time ago, i usually see that when translations are ongoing, bugs are worked out as they are found, not “whole translation is done – beta test”, this seems kinda unfair, the project was posted on a known site, meaning he is somewhat obliged to finish and hand it out lol.. despite it being “his project” it is only selfish of him to keep it from people waiting on it, under the guise of “working out the bugs” which should have already been worked out..

    and no, i dont want any heroes trying to tell me im wrong and stuff, as ive seen so many of them above..

  96. stfu kris.
    rant where some1 gives a f.

  97. i totally agree, only not with your kris i agree with whoever fail was stfu

  98. dunno how often this is checked but….ive been following this thing since almost a year ago and

    You did and are doing awesome work so…cant wait ^^

    best project ever right after the jump ultimate stars project team,thats just an epic game and it deserved an epic full scale translation,like this one :p

  99. Slave here, old BETA tester, so what are the news on this? Need some help with anything? Hit me up! πŸ˜‰

  100. 100 comments on this one post, that’s pretty good comparing to the others….100th!

  101. well thats cuz theres been no update on this ==”

  102. again Fabre being a fag

  103. hahaha.. fanboys.. i make a valid point and you think you can simply tell me to stfu? grow a pair kiddos

  104. wow kris im guessing ur fucking 20+ yo,
    stop living in ur moms basement and do something productive.

  105. Lurking.

  106. like griefing “krisisafag” ?? hell no lol, i make my own choices not you

  107. I’m honestly wondering if this bet testing is going on or if the project has been abandoned. I don’t need a release just yet but an update would be nice.

  108. True enough, the project seemed great but the beta test is a big disappointment.

  109. hey kris, nice choice living in ur moms basement and being a lowlife

  110. This project is abandoned…

  111. Yes it is…

  112. I just found this site. It’s too bad the beta was never released to the public when the project ceased. Anything would be better than nothing.

  113. Here’s the latest update update from Psy:

    I thought I’d throw this here, because someone might be wondering what’s happening with the project, just as I did.
    I personally see this optimistically, and look forward. πŸ™‚

  114. Oh wow! It’s officially 1 year since he posted that message. Happy gaming people XD

  115. Good idea to translate this game. But why not just release what you have? Others can fix things, if needed, and the masses will be satisfied. I have been continually checking for a release since 2009, now it’s 2011… WTF???

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