Quick changes (took a long time tho)


The above comparison shot of the previous (left) and the new (right) buttons on the bottom was decreased in quality I think because wordpress resizes it..

But take a close look.

There are some buttons which became uglier, but overall it became a lot neater and I finally changed that Inv to Item. (Something I was thinking to change about 5 months ago)

The font overall was increased, but this was required to make the lowercase ‘s’ and ‘e’ look neater.

Some buttons such as “Erase” looks cramped, but the aligning is finally complete and I am going with this revision as my final.

I also finished the two other graphic files I listed on the previous post.

So now all I have left is the 3 tutorial graphic files and tutorial stage (still haven’t decided.)

So this is basically my announcement that all the required translations are complete.

Tutorials are really unnecessary, but I may choose to do them..

~ by p9ycoblaster on October 6, 2009.

9 Responses to “Quick changes (took a long time tho)”

  1. Good work, its rare that a translation is actually finished these days. Hopefully your next English project will be another ds game.

  2. thanks man, your on a roll lol
    just wondering if the translation will be a patch or downloading the modified game
    and i would also hope that you have another english project for another ds game (hopefully someone might translate sigma harmonics) lol
    but just keep up the good work look forward to seeing the completed version

  3. Nice work.
    Hopefully you said what you did, because my poor eyes didnt see what was different at first lol.

  4. Getting more excited! 😀

  5. Wooooo! Tutorial or no, this is a great accomplishment! Excellent looking project, and I’m excited that the end may be upon us soon!

  6. Congratulations! There are a lot of people out there who appreciate your hard work and I am one of them:) I do have a favour to ask: could you please do the tutorial files as well? Not everyone is accustomed to SPRGs and I am sure that the game has some features for advanced players that are not presented elsewhere.

  7. this really sounds great. Sometimes the work done alone is better done. I still can wait to see it finished.

  8. This are really good news, I’m rooting for this release ^^
    I’ve always wanted to play ASH and now I’m one step closer to that. Thank you for all the work you’ve been doing on this project.
    Wish I could help translating something but my japanese is very basic (actually english isn’t even my first language as you’ve probably noticed)
    And about the tutorials, since you’ve done the rest of the game, why not? After a year translating and hacking that (translating the tutorial) doesn’t seem a lot of work, does it?
    Well do as you please, I’m already grateful that you started this project in the first place ^^

  9. This = Beta then for test and bugs and typo
    Then its “OB” wooo can’t wait for the actual release so i can play it lol

    Is the actual realease only downloadable from this website?

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