Well, some progression

Thank DarthNemesis once more, I was able to finish one of my graphics editing tool. (He told me how to save an image in the best quality :P)


-Redone result screen
Changed text to white with black borders. Same font, just a color change so it is more visible

-Finished buy sell button
Yeah.. not that important

-Finished a “yes” “no” button
One of the few graphics that I didn’t catch the first time. Just got it done.

-Finished Judge/Appraisal menu
Again, one of the few graphics that I didn’t catch the first time

-Redone Equipment button
Changed Eqpt -> Equip

-A misc text graphic I just found (“Waiting team,” “Attacking team”)

-The unit skill button (The button circled in red in one of the screenshots)

So basically, just several graphics edits.

I’ve just located a w_map_form file which has like 5 more buttons D: so if I find out that it is a file actually used, then I’ll edit that.
I’m pretty sure there’s one more big graphic file that I have located but skipped by. (or maybe there was 2)

But for right now, I’m trying to locate the load screen (from the screenshot) and the intro text (also from the screenshot), and I have the 3 tutorials left.

Oh, just to make sure everybody knows beforehand, there’s a tutorial mission after stage 1 which appears with stage 2, but I have no plans in translating that unless I receive a lot of requests. The game is really self explanatory, the game teaches you how to play as you go on, and I believe there is a tutorial menu with a list of several tutorials, so there’s really no point in translating the tutorial mission AS OF YET.


my final revision of that damn graphic file..

And this is my final revision for the field menu.
This is just a font change + border. The previous font really didn’t fit.
Just for the guys  wondering – I am mainly using 2 different fonts:
1. My edited ASH font (the main font you’ll see for texts)
2. Myriad pro condensed (My graphic font)



I was finally able to locate this T^T I feel so glad now.

So what do I have left to translate?

3 graphic tutorials, the tutorial stage only if I feel some motivation, and w_map_form.ncgr and eqip_down.ncgr graphic files only if I find out where they are used.

So stay tuned! This project is actually getting close to done! (Or getting ready for my second closed beta XD)

~ by p9ycoblaster on October 3, 2009.

38 Responses to “Well, some progression”

  1. Nice !
    Good work as always.

  2. I request it! I also reiterate,
    Take your time, you’re still awesome

  3. lol at fabre, its not hard to understand how to play, but i don’t really mind if the tutorial is translated or not. but keep up the nice work =)

  4. I will just say that for completeness’ sake, you might as well. It’s not like you are working on a time limit.
    I’ve been keeping an eye on this project and it’s shaping up very nicely!

  5. I’d prefer a finished 100% translation, but do as you want. TYour work is awesome. But I wanted to say taht I prefer a full translated thing, because you asked our opinion 😀

  6. Wait, in this creen, you’ve written Calander… > https://pbtrans.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/screenshot.png

    I think it should be Calendar, no ?

  7. Thanks, I’ll fix that

  8. You should really consider doing 7th Dragon as your next project. It will never be released in the US and is a fantastic game.

  9. I have no plans for a “next project.” I have no translation team, and the only reason why this was a successful project is because
    1. It started as a team
    2. The team broke up, but one special supporter (Darthnemesis) helped me throughout the project
    3. There was a korean project which was finished before I even started on this, so translation was easy
    4. A Japanese/Korean translator worked with me
    5. All programming/editing/reverse engineering/photoshopping etc were done all by myself

    At least I had some kind of team to work with. I’m already busy with my Korean SaGa2 project, so I’ll wait until later to pick up a new Japanese-> English translation project.

  10. That I can understand at least you did something original.

  11. I have mentioned that I would consider being an English editor if the project was something original (7th dragon, blood of bahamut). Too bad everyone is doing pokemon translations.

  12. I’m pretty sure blood of bahamut will get an english release.
    You never want to aim at those larger companies when you are starting a translation project.
    Atlus: 99% sure that their games will be one day released in english
    Namco: don’t translate anything else except their tales games
    Square Enix: Don’t even bother – they are obsessed with compressions and weird file structures, ROM structure (totally esoteric folder names), and will bring an english release to 90% to their games. They’ll also shut your project down, as they are against ROM modifications.
    Sega: It’ll get to you sometime.
    Nintendo: don’t even worry about it

  13. Your Right
    Atlus- Luminous arc 3 and smt: strange journeys will be released in english.

    Sega- Infinite space and sands of destruction already have US release dates.

    Square – No matter what they say DQ 6 and 9 are coming. FF Gaiden probably.

    Its only the non franchise games that need translations.

  14. 7th dragon is in one of the weird categories were it may not be released. Blood of Bahamut has been rated in America forever but nothings happened.

  15. Remember, Blood of Bahamut is a final fantasy spinoff, which means there is a high chance it will come out. Remember TWEWY? The Japanese game (It’s a Wonderful World) was released a LONG time before TWEWY. Maybe the same thing will happen for BoB.
    And I’ll never believe Sega.. They are known for randomly starting something, randomly quitting something, and disappointing many Sega fans.
    Remember, ASH was released back in Oct 2007, and I started the translation project in Dec 2008, and it’s already Oct 2009 with no english release. I’ll only take on games which have been released for more than an year. If you followed my romhacking history, you might have seen ystrans.wordpress.com
    It was when I had a full team working together to translate YS DS. However, the project was stopped when the english release came out. I just hope it doesn’t happen again, because programming, romhacking, reverse engineering, translating and image editing all takes a LOT of time and effort, and one official release can make all of that work useless.

  16. Yeah, Sega does do that. However at the Tokyo show, a fully localized infinite space and sands of destruction were shown. At least the DS has about 4 or 5 more years left. We may see something.

  17. It makes me sad that the main Squenix game I really wanted to play for the DS was Sigma Harmonics. But p9ycoblaster I am really thankful for this translation and if you say that the tutorial missions aren’t needed then I will be ok with whatever you decide.

  18. I agree the tutorials probably arent necessary, but it would be nice to have a complete 100% translated game. How much more extra time owuld that take?

  19. well first i was sure that saga 2 and blood of bahamut will come to US because S-E registered a trademark in US for both games , but as for now there are no release dates and no info , and blood of bahamut was relesead in japan 2 months ago .

    BTW nice work psyco , its nice to hear that DarthNemesis is still helping you

  20. @ babo
    the extra tutorial stage will take only about a day or two, probably few minutes for the 3 left over graphic tutorials, and maybe half an hour for the rest 2 graphics.

    @ shineek
    2 month is nothing.

  21. well yeah looking at nostalgeo no kaze , but this is Square Enix were talking about , and as i know they never took that much time to announce a game coming to US

  22. Are you still looking for spelling/grammar checkers? If so, I might be interested in helping out.

  23. thanks alot for working on this game cant wait to play the translated version 😀 i’m still hoping that this game would come to EU tho

  24. @ shineek
    It’s a wonderful world – announced Sept 2006
    It’s a wonderful world – July 2007 release
    The world ends with you – localization announcement Dec 2007
    The world ends with you – April 2008 release

    Final Fantasy IV DS (J) – Dec 2007 release
    Final Fantasy IV DS (E) – localization announcement Apr 2008
    Final Fantasy IV DS (E) – July 2008 release

  25. https://pbtrans.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/screenshot31.png You corrected with CalendEr, and it’s CalendAr I think… 😉

  26. Aww yea. Translation nearing completion. Good work mangz. =3

  27. This is going straight to 4chan /v/ once this is done.

    Yours is the translation project that can compare, and possibly surpass even Namco X Capcom’s!

    Also, I hope you get some sort of kickass professional job someday where your pay is circa 4-5 million per game hacked.

  28. Hmm….
    Haven’t heard from you guys in a while.
    How are things, might I ask?

  29. Been a while since I’ve checked up on this… Still not done? Hows the progress going? I’m sure you’re almost done. =]

  30. Is it possible to release a beta or a 0.9 for us to download and test?

    Compatibility is just as important, and we want to try it out ASAP. Well, 2% important.

  31. yippee translation is done?

    now beta testing is only left?

    thanks for translating!!!1

  32. Damn, this beta sure is taking a while. But you guys sure did a hell of a job. You must feel pretty damn proud of yourself, eh? Well you freaking deserve it.

  33. Could you make a post about what’s going on? Just so we know the project isnt dead or anything. Thanks for the effort!

  34. where the download link for the patch, please gimme the links

  35. Haven’t checked up on the blog in a while. Came back almost half a year later and no updates. I guess it is presumed dead for now.

  36. not dead.. just not “ready” by his standards.. got like what 15 people “beta testing” and its taken 6 months and no progress? LOL

  37. can you guy give any info away?

  38. cood

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