Result Screen in progress

What’s taking this long?…

The result screen. Probably the only main thing left until finish.

I’m pretty sure I skipped some graphic tutorials and missed some graphic files. But they aren’t as important as the result screen yet.

There are 3 things I want to change after beta testing to the final release:

1. Consistant font

The menu stuff, and especially the quick save menu, uses a somewhat inconsistant font. The result screen has this problem, too.

2. Grammatical errors/colloquialism

Right now, it’s nothing but a rough translation a Korean did. I’m not an English expert, so someone will need to help me with this :p

3. Professional feel

Probably my main goal. I want this to look as “real” as possible… which means a lot of photoshopping to do…


Enough with talking.

Now I’m finally uploading screens in such a long time.

Current result screen (main progress):


After a full week of playing around with the NSCR map file, I finally found out how the tiles were arranged and I was able to edit the tiles to fit my photoshop… by hand 😦
It takes forever… So ever time I make an small edit I need to re edit the ugly map file..


It’s a test right now. I have two versions, one with the gray border around the text, and one without.

Both are pretty hard to see due to the small font, but the larger the text, the more tile mappings I have to edit -_-


 and there’s some spoiler image.


All right, I’m trying to make sure I don’t look “dead” yet.

All my worries are finally gone now… I just need to locate the graphics I skipped or missed, edit it, and then I’m done with the full translation.

Then closed beta… so soon XD



Last few graphics that needs editing:

ASH3ASH5ASH4ASH7These and the Buy/Sell buttons (no screens). They are the only things I just found out that I have to edit.

~ by p9ycoblaster on September 24, 2009.

20 Responses to “Result Screen in progress”

  1. Goog job !
    Keep it up !

  2. Damn it looks beautiful! very well done psycoblaster! calmly awaiting the final release, but still quite giddy haha.
    Live long and prosper

  3. You’re awesome, like seriously awesome. I may just fall in love with you.

  4. What i think is do the more usefull ones not the save slots wwhich are in japanese… then relaease and get the check up for errors faster…. The Fil 1 in japaense doesn’t affect anything.. lol Can’t wait for close beta to end then its offical release lol

    BTW i got a question for psyco..
    Psyco when its like pure release will it jsut be released on this website only?

  5. Very nice! Can’t wait for the final product, as I’ve desperately wanted to play this game in English!

  6. If you need help with English colloquialisms, I can offer help. e-mail me at

    Something small that I noticed in the translations thus far.

    On the heal magic commentary, it would probably be better to say: “A small light for a small wound.” rather than “A small light to a small wound.”

    On the Play Report, does highest damage indicate highest combo damage? If so, it might be better to indicate that it’s the highest combo damage.

    In Bullnequ’s commentary, it might be better to say: “It is proof of a leader; an artifact of the dead king and queen.”

  7. Great job bro, it looks awsome. Thanks in advance!!!

  8. A small light that is directed to a small wound… but space limits 😉
    and as I mentioned, a larger text for the result screen only will make things harder…
    and I always have room for script edits 😉

  9. As much of a grammar nazi as I am, I’d rather not nitpick. This game looks incredible, and the fact that Psyco is doing the last touchups solo is almost unbelievable.

    Godspeed, you fancy bastard.

  10. In which case p9yco, maybe “A light for small wounds” would be better?

  11. Great job brother, thank you… xD

  12. wow.thanks for your great job

  13. Thanks for your hardwork, i can’t wait to play this game, looks awesome!


  14. May I recommend translating Black/Matrix Zero for the GBA, as well? You are a considerate, dedicated worker.

  15. I’d also like to recommend assisting the translation of Tear Ring Saga for the PSX. The reason I say “assisting” is because someone else is already attempting to do it, but to be honest, I’m doubtful of their expertise, and it seems even they are, as well, leaving their translation open to contributions.

  16. why are you people asking p9ycoblaster to help do other translation projects when p9ycoblaster is already doing this?

  17. Why are you saying “you people” when there is only one ?
    Anyway, good job.

  18. This translation is almost finished, and is only one of three games I wanted to play — the other two being Tear Ring Saga and Black/Matrix Zero.

  19. oh right sorry about the ” you people ” didn’t look at the name posted and I’m sure p9ycoblaster has other things to do other translating games for us.

  20. If he doesn’t want to, maybe he can tell other hackers about the games.

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