Main tutorial file completed!

Wow, I feel like a complete dumbass. The “bug” in the tutorial file wasn’t a bug at all. My bad.

At least I finally got this 80 lined tutorial file done.

Now I have 2 more text tutorials and a lot more graphic tutorials left, then I’m like 98% complete with the total translation.

Then there’s some misc graphics hidden somewhere in the ROM and I have that result screen to do.


Final text tutorials are done.

That means that I am 100% done text wise. All text files present in the game are fully translated. The spreadsheet I have used for about half an year during this translation project is finally closed for good, and all I have left are graphics. Misc graphics, graphic tutorials, and the result screen (also graphics, but a complicated one)

This doesn’t mean that I’m done with the text, tho. There is still another closed beta to do after I’m done with everything, to make sure I do not have any typos or mistakes or bugs.

~ by p9ycoblaster on September 13, 2009.

12 Responses to “Main tutorial file completed!”

  1. Go go go! Show that translation who’s boss!

  2. lol i agree with Taedirk.
    can you estimate about when it will be finished completely?

  3. Fast and furious.
    But are you really furious ?
    Good job !

  4. I’m glad I check back here daily.

  5. months of checking this site daily proven to be worth it, know that (some) leechers everywhere are supporting you. 행운을 빕니다!

  6. Wow…. I haven’t checked here in a week or so, I usually come by daily just in case… looks like I missed the busiest week on this blog in a while 🙂

    (not implying you haven’t been working on this psycho, I just haven’t seen so much blog activity in a bit :D)

  7. Yay! I’m so glad it is nearing completion. Too bad *the person* who released an alpha phase patch still has shown no signs of remorse in what they did. Even though they would probably have been just as pissed if it was one of their patches.

  8. I’m getting progressively more and more excited every day, would we understand what the not-a-bug was if it were explained to us?

  9. Good on you, mate. I’m ecstatic to see a translation of this game. Thank you so much.

  10. Been visiting this site every week for updates. Finally, I have seen some updates. Great Job on translating this fantastic game yourself! Where’d you get your motivation from?

  11. Congratulations. Thanks for all your hard work. Hope things continue to go well.

  12. ” can you estimate about when it will be finished completely? ”

    REALLY, MAN? REALLY? Geez … some people never learn.

    Anyway, i’ve been expecting this for a LONG LONG time, coming here every single week. Glad to hear its almost finished! Best Regards and Pure Luck!

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