Never felt this close to finish…

All the longest text files are finally done.

All I got is 7 pullout files (3 lines each lol) and some tutorials (text tutorials and graphic toturials) left.

After I’m done with the pullout files, I’m actually done with all the text files. Then all I need to do is worry about the tutorials, left over graphics, and the result screen.

~ by p9ycoblaster on September 11, 2009.

5 Responses to “Never felt this close to finish…”

  1. Congrats! Always glad to read good news like this.

  2. Something new every day.
    Just awesome.

  3. Another one!!! You’re making me so happy.

  4. Thought to check this today and i see ur nearly done =)
    Hope i can play this soon lol

  5. finally an update =)
    and this is good news as well thank you very much and hope you finish soon p9ycoblaster

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