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I learned things the hard way….. I used to save all my programming related stuff in my USB…… and I lost it.

All the programming I have done is long gone, but I can always make my tools again.

Because of the initial shock I received after losing my USB, ASH was really not the most important thing in my life.

But I’m working again, at least all my ASH related stuff (except for the utils) was saved in my harddrive because it takes a lot of space and reading/writing stuff on a flashdrive isn’t as fast.

Beta testing is and has been pretty much complete (as of now) and all I need to do is script insertion and a few graphical changes. (and I have no clue how long it will take me and how much I choose to procrastinate)

To clear things out again, this ASH project is my first ever full translation and it’s being done for nothing else but personal satisfaction.

I really won’t care about people who flame and talk shit, but all I know is that my ambition is still present and it’s gonna be done someday.

The only reason why I didn’t choose to drop this project is actually very strange..

Stupid iTunes in win7 wouldn’t restore my ipod so I booted into my XP partition which i haven’t booted into for a LONG time..

and I found some of my utils right on the desktop. Well thank Apple and its stupid products, it saved my translation project from being dropped.


•October 10, 2009 • 115 Comments

Translation is officially over.
Now comes beta testing.

Visit the above gbatemp thread for beta testing details.

Quick changes (took a long time tho)

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The above comparison shot of the previous (left) and the new (right) buttons on the bottom was decreased in quality I think because wordpress resizes it..

But take a close look.

There are some buttons which became uglier, but overall it became a lot neater and I finally changed that Inv to Item. (Something I was thinking to change about 5 months ago)

The font overall was increased, but this was required to make the lowercase ‘s’ and ‘e’ look neater.

Some buttons such as “Erase” looks cramped, but the aligning is finally complete and I am going with this revision as my final.

I also finished the two other graphic files I listed on the previous post.

So now all I have left is the 3 tutorial graphic files and tutorial stage (still haven’t decided.)

So this is basically my announcement that all the required translations are complete.

Tutorials are really unnecessary, but I may choose to do them..

Well, some progression

•October 3, 2009 • 38 Comments

Thank DarthNemesis once more, I was able to finish one of my graphics editing tool. (He told me how to save an image in the best quality :P)


-Redone result screen
Changed text to white with black borders. Same font, just a color change so it is more visible

-Finished buy sell button
Yeah.. not that important

-Finished a “yes” “no” button
One of the few graphics that I didn’t catch the first time. Just got it done.

-Finished Judge/Appraisal menu
Again, one of the few graphics that I didn’t catch the first time

-Redone Equipment button
Changed Eqpt -> Equip

-A misc text graphic I just found (“Waiting team,” “Attacking team”)

-The unit skill button (The button circled in red in one of the screenshots)

So basically, just several graphics edits.

I’ve just located a w_map_form file which has like 5 more buttons D: so if I find out that it is a file actually used, then I’ll edit that.
I’m pretty sure there’s one more big graphic file that I have located but skipped by. (or maybe there was 2)

But for right now, I’m trying to locate the load screen (from the screenshot) and the intro text (also from the screenshot), and I have the 3 tutorials left.

Oh, just to make sure everybody knows beforehand, there’s a tutorial mission after stage 1 which appears with stage 2, but I have no plans in translating that unless I receive a lot of requests. The game is really self explanatory, the game teaches you how to play as you go on, and I believe there is a tutorial menu with a list of several tutorials, so there’s really no point in translating the tutorial mission AS OF YET.


my final revision of that damn graphic file..

And this is my final revision for the field menu.
This is just a font change + border. The previous font really didn’t fit.
Just for the guys  wondering – I am mainly using 2 different fonts:
1. My edited ASH font (the main font you’ll see for texts)
2. Myriad pro condensed (My graphic font)



I was finally able to locate this T^T I feel so glad now.

So what do I have left to translate?

3 graphic tutorials, the tutorial stage only if I feel some motivation, and w_map_form.ncgr and eqip_down.ncgr graphic files only if I find out where they are used.

So stay tuned! This project is actually getting close to done! (Or getting ready for my second closed beta XD)

Lack of progression

•October 2, 2009 • 5 Comments

Well, even though there’s not really that much left, the problem is that currently this isn’t the only project I’m working on…

I’m also the lead of a Korean Saga 2 translation project (it’s a group project, so I have a bit more free time with this), and I was busy programming for that…

Once I get some of Saga 2 out of the way, I can get the translators busy, and I’ll finish up ASH.

Result Screen in progress

•September 24, 2009 • 20 Comments

What’s taking this long?…

The result screen. Probably the only main thing left until finish.

I’m pretty sure I skipped some graphic tutorials and missed some graphic files. But they aren’t as important as the result screen yet.

There are 3 things I want to change after beta testing to the final release:

1. Consistant font

The menu stuff, and especially the quick save menu, uses a somewhat inconsistant font. The result screen has this problem, too.

2. Grammatical errors/colloquialism

Right now, it’s nothing but a rough translation a Korean did. I’m not an English expert, so someone will need to help me with this :p

3. Professional feel

Probably my main goal. I want this to look as “real” as possible… which means a lot of photoshopping to do…


Enough with talking.

Now I’m finally uploading screens in such a long time.

Current result screen (main progress):


After a full week of playing around with the NSCR map file, I finally found out how the tiles were arranged and I was able to edit the tiles to fit my photoshop… by hand 😦
It takes forever… So ever time I make an small edit I need to re edit the ugly map file..


It’s a test right now. I have two versions, one with the gray border around the text, and one without.

Both are pretty hard to see due to the small font, but the larger the text, the more tile mappings I have to edit -_-


 and there’s some spoiler image.


All right, I’m trying to make sure I don’t look “dead” yet.

All my worries are finally gone now… I just need to locate the graphics I skipped or missed, edit it, and then I’m done with the full translation.

Then closed beta… so soon XD



Last few graphics that needs editing:

ASH3ASH5ASH4ASH7These and the Buy/Sell buttons (no screens). They are the only things I just found out that I have to edit.

Main tutorial file completed!

•September 13, 2009 • 12 Comments

Wow, I feel like a complete dumbass. The “bug” in the tutorial file wasn’t a bug at all. My bad.

At least I finally got this 80 lined tutorial file done.

Now I have 2 more text tutorials and a lot more graphic tutorials left, then I’m like 98% complete with the total translation.

Then there’s some misc graphics hidden somewhere in the ROM and I have that result screen to do.


Final text tutorials are done.

That means that I am 100% done text wise. All text files present in the game are fully translated. The spreadsheet I have used for about half an year during this translation project is finally closed for good, and all I have left are graphics. Misc graphics, graphic tutorials, and the result screen (also graphics, but a complicated one)

This doesn’t mean that I’m done with the text, tho. There is still another closed beta to do after I’m done with everything, to make sure I do not have any typos or mistakes or bugs.